Yves Puppies Hospitalized for Parvo Fund

9/17/2018- REST PEACEFULLY DIOR, CELINE, FENDI, HERMÈS, PASHLI, and BIRKIN- Dior and Céline are reunited with their siblings again at the rainbow bridge. We are devastated to learn and announce that the remaining 4 beautiful babies of Yves have succumbed to the agonizing effects of Parvo virus.  It is times like this that hurt deeper than others. May these precious babies know that everyone fought hard to save them. And we love them always. Run and play with all the angels together. Rest in beautiful peace. You are loved.

PLEASE DONATE to Yves babies-  Parvo has stricken the 6 puppies of Momma Yves in Puerto Rico.  They are about 8 weeks old and had their first vaccine but one by one began to present with symptoms over the weekend.  baby girl Dior was the first to present and she sadly passed away today after being hospitalized.  Her 5 siblings are all hospitalized and 4/5 have tested positive for the virus.  All 5 are receiving treatment.  Please donate to this emergency situation.  Their foster mom is devastated as they have been closely monitored since birth and only have been in public for their 1 trip to the clinic for vaccines.

Yves Puppies Have Parvo Fund

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