Just as we we confirmed the liberation of all animals of the farm in South Korea, we were notified that there was an emergency!  A breeding and slaughter location was uncovered! Local rescuers, including our colleague, were made aware of a man breeding, selling off puppies and then selling the older or weak dogs to slaughter.  Rescuers rushed the location, uncovering 100+ dogs, adults nursing babies, litters of puppies, sick dogs, and cats and kittens. The owner surrendered all animals as he is now facing investigation and charges.

As shown in the video, the conditions are deplorable.  NYBC has committed to 15 of the rescued dogs as the local rescues were able to take the small breed dogs and puppies. All dogs have been separated by gender and are now being treated at the hospital.  Some dogs are in very poor condition.

**Please note that we were sent video documentation of the alleged actions. The content in the videos is too disturbing to publicize.  The barbaric behavior is horrific and we cannot knowingly turn our backs on animals that are in need of emergency refuge.

Please email nybccontact@gmail.com for info, details or to offer your assistance.
It will cost approximately $1000-$1200 to get each dog medical care and initial boarding. Some of the dogs are positive for heartworm and it will cost about $1500 per dog for heartworm treatment.

That is prior to airfare once safe and cleared for adoption.
@thedodo posted an article about meat festivals and the barbaric traditions.

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