Puerto Rico 8 Hoarding Case


Our dear friend @crayola_lia_ came upon a severe hoarding case of multiple seniors in dire need of medical attention. MARITA, seen here along with 7 other medically fragile senior dogs, has an ENORMOUS mass and infection in her mouth and throat. She was transferred to a specialist today in hopes of some answers and relief. She will be hospitalized for a few days and then we will find out if she needs surgery. Please help us help Marita, Nilsa and the 7 other dogs in need of medical care. This is a very large undertaking and we can’t do it with our your support.  We will be announcing the entire case with each dog and their needs but Marita is the most severe and needs immediate attention.

While trying to rescue a very smart but elusive street dog in Puerto rico, Nilsa cam upon a home with multiple senior dogs in desperate need of medical attention and care.  The old man that owned the home took in all these dogs off the street.  He genuinely was trying to help them but 8 senior dogs with health issues is too much to handle efficiently for one senior with a good heart.  Each of the dogs have health concern ranging from flea and tick infestation, high burden of parasites, heartworm, erhlichia and the worst is Marita.  She has the enormous, infected mass that has invaded her mouth.

Our hope is to be able to assist with the medical costs for these special dogs and find appropriate placement that can care for each dog and there individual concerns.

Please consider donating or applying to adopt one of these deserving dogs.

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