Peru Vehicle Fund

Over the past few years, we have seen some of the worst health cases of street dogs in locations such as Honduras and Peru. We have also witnessed miraculous recoveries at the hands of our independent rescuers like Melissa and Karina.

We also know that transportation is essential in getting the dire, emergency cases to the hospitals swiftly in order to make sure a dog gets immediate medical treatment. Having a vehicle to transport such cases is the true difference between life and death. So many times Karina has been denied travel from buses and taxis because the dogs are not permitted on board.

Last year we successfully secured a vehicle for Melissa in Honduras with the help of your contributions. The implementation of that vehicle has saved countless lives, from being able to be rescued from the street to making critical treatment appointments and ultimately being able to transport the adoptables to the airport to finally travel to their forever families stateside. Noble, Lady, Isa, Malachi, Biscuit, Kanga, Roo, Perkins and Odie all found unconditional love because they were able to make flight plans and arrive in the USA.

Our request for assistance is to make this available to Karina in Peru so that the dogs that have been rescued and rehabilitated can also find families in the USA. Karina has been denied so often by public transportation, dogs are suffering because they cannot reach the clinic for care. Also, the sanctuary is 8 hours away from the airport so getting dogs to their Freedom Flight is next to impossible without the means of a car. Dogs like Mastro and Pablo are patiently waiting for their chance, but without transport available, their dream may never become reality.

We ask for your consideration and compassion at this time to assist in raising funds so that we can secure a vehicle for Karina so she can continue to be effective in her area and keep making a difference in the lives of the animals in desperate need.

Peru Vehicle Fund

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