Peru Gas Explosion Victims Fund

A truck carrying natural gas in Peru, ran off a ramp and set off a major explosion which set nearby homes on fire and over fifty people were injured, including many children with two deaths thus far and so many cats and dogs in the area killed or burned and in need of medical. Our rescue colleague Edith was right there and she is frantic for help with already having little funds to care for all the animals she does. Karina, an actual nurse who is another rescuer in the area is traveling to assist. These women are our family and they are desperate to help this already poverty stricken area. As people scurry to assist the humans affected, the injured dogs and cats need Edith and Karina to do whatever in their power to save them. 

We asked what specifically they need and this is what they said they are desperate for: 

Food, water, burn medicine, gauze, tape, Paraffined Gauze, Sterile gauze, Ameriton ointment

Inspection gloves, Cans of Hills AD

Serum, Venoclysis , Long, short bandages.- Especially PARAFINED GASSES in quantity, since there are 3 to 4 cleanings a day to each puppy. 

We have to help, and we call on you to assist. If you have it in your means or your heart to assist, please do so. Please contribute to their immediate needs by donating today and please pray for the children and critically injured and fighting for their lives.

Peru Gas Explosion Victims Fund

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