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HEARTWORM is an extremely serious and potentially life threatening situation. The worms invade the dogs heart and literally strangle it! Treatment is lengthy and costly. We knew when we saved dogs from down South we would be hit with some Heartworm cases! Unfortunately for the innocent dogs inflicted with it, people tend to shy away from their case because they don’t want to be burdened with the financial strains of heartworm treatment. We have successfully treated many  heartworm cases like Tahoe from NC and Shiloh from Georgia!

With all the recent rescues coming from different locations, including Texas, Miami, North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Georgia just to name a few, the percentage of heartworm positive dogs is climbing.  While it is less frequent in the North, cases do exist and the dogs coming from hotter more humid climates are even more susceptible.

With that being said, our funding used for general daily care has been depleted for extremely necessary medical care to treat the life-threatening heartworm disease.  Please consider donating to this fund as a chance to help specific dogs in need while allowing NYBC to continue its top notch daily care of the NYBC rescue dogs.

We need your help desperately now though as we have three pups simultaneously receiving HW treatment: MILLER, MAMA JACKIE, and ADDISON. We need our NYBC FAM to help these three receive their life saving protocol! PLEASE DONATE TO MILLER, JACKIE AND ADDISON’S HEARTWORM FUND SO WE CAN SEE THEY GET ALL THEY NEED TO BEAT IT!

NYBC Heartworm Fund

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