The NYBC Cancer Fund

On June 8, 2017 we lost our sweet Naji. Naji in Arabic means survivor and although the cancer defeated her body, her spirit prevailed to leave an immeasurable and profound difference in us all. Naji taught us how to survive. She taught us how to love unconditionally, she taught us how to forgive and she taught us how to cherish each moment that we are given.

Earlier that year we also lost our beloved Mr. Hicks to cancer. Mr. Hicks conquered abandonment, loneliness, starvation and blindness only to succumb quickly to the disease. Both of these amazing dogs might have had a better chance at a life filled with love and companionship if they were able to receive medical treatment earlier in their diagnosis. New York Bully Crew has started the Mr. Hicks and Naji Cancer Fund to raise much-needed support for complex medical procedures and treatments for dogs in need of help while battling cancer.  We hope to help and get to dogs like Mr. Hicks and Naji earlier, so they do not have prolonged suffering and they can receive treatment early in hopes to fight and defeat the disease and give them quality of life. We also hope to help families that might be experiencing financial hardships which would cause them to put their pet’s care as not a priority. Offering assistance would help families to not have to make the hard choice of euthanasia because of finances or the possibility of abandonment.

Our first recipient under the Mr. Hicks & Naji Cancer Fund was Kira. Kira was a young owner surrender from Puerto Rico that wass suffering from multiple squamous cell carcinoma masses. Unable to afford surgery and treatment, Kira’s owner made the selfless decision to surrender her to New York Bully Crew hoping that we can give her loved pet hope and a future without pain.  Being a single mom with two children making minimum wage, caring for a dog with advanced cancer in dire need of surgery was an impossible task.

After arriving to New York in October, 2017, Kira lived a life filled with immeasurable love given by her dedicated foster mommy, Lauren.  Kira was not only loved beyond words but she gave the world unforgettable joy and pure happiness.  Kira met everyone with a hop, a smile and wiggle.  She loved all and she even brought smiles to a wonderful group of medically fragile children right before she left us and crossed the rainbow bridge.

In Kira’s honor, along with Naji and Mr. Hicks and Nana and Duque, we ask for your assistance so we can assist our new candidates that need our help.

We ask for support and contributions to THE NYBC Cancer Fund so we can earmark your donations specifically to patients in need of emergency, chronic and consistent treatments and therapies. New York Bully Crew thanks you for your constant support and compassion to help us help dogs in dire need. We can only achieve success with your help. Please help us do more, save more, make a difference in their lives. We unfortunately cannot save them all, but we can certainly try to make life better for the ones we can help.

The NYBC Cancer Fund

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