Mike Ruiz’s Bullies & Biceps 2019 Calendar

On behalf of New York Bully Crew, we are humbled and honored to be the rescue chosen to benefit from Mike Ruiz’s Bullies & Biceps 2019 Calendar. Mr. Ruiz is a fashion icon, photographing the world’s top models and A-list celebrities. His style is unparalleled and you know a Mike Ruiz photo when you see one without having to look at the credits. 

This very special edition is bittersweet.  

Although this project is sexier than ever, it also has a very important message. The canine cover model, Oliver, was Mike’s personal pet.  Oliver was rescued in California from a dire situation.  Oliver was the quintessential pit bull, a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  Mike himself became a believer in bullies because of Oliver.  Sadly, Oliver lost his brave battle with cancer the end of this summer.  New York Bully Crew is honored to be a part of this beautiful collaboration that is dedicated to Oliver, the black pit bull that overcame adversity, opened people’s hearts and minds to pit bulls, and made them see pits in a different light.

The vibrant and perfectly matched models with dogs are sexy but each page tells a story of resilience and compassion. 
The entire calendar showcases the NYBC rescue dogs of all ages. Each dog has a unique rescue story and their male counterparts handled them with kindness and when completed, they left with true admiration of what these dogs go through daily. 

We hope you enjoy the next year of photos and they inspire you. 

Thank you for supporting New York Bully Crew’s rescue mission. Together we can continue to make a difference. 


Bullies & Biceps 2019 Calendar


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