Hurricane Maria Relief for Puerto Rico

UPDATE 9/23/17 We still have not heard form or team at the NYBC-PR Halfway House! We are very worried and know that the dogs and our friends need food, water, possible medications. We are coordinating with a local NY Chaplin Crisis Group to collect emergency supplies. We should have drop off locations by tomorrow afternoon and some info on when we can ship. Airline flights have been continuously cancelled. We could use help with shipping. While we know that we will need major assistance with rebuilding our hallway house, we are also assisting a local Puerto Rico rescue which has lost everything. They assisting in saving a NYBC dog, Victorita, who has been adopted almost immediately after she arrived to NYBC and now resides in upstate NY.
Alianza Pro Rescate (the Pro Rescue Alliance) has left their entire facility. The animals are safe and are in temporary care with the Alianza Volunteers but none of these houses have electricity. It’s a very hard time for everyone. Our friends at Alianza are grateful that all the dogs are safe but they are heartbroken and devastated by the loss of their sanctuary. Please note that the animals were not left in the sanctuary during the storm. New York Bully Crew will be assisting our friends during this devastating time. Please consider donating so that we can help our colleagues and of course get our own rescue back to working order so that we can continue to save lives. The Puerto rico dogs need us now more than ever! And we need to support the amazing humans that are in dire need and struggling now!
The photos are the before and after Hurricane Maria of Alianza Pro Rescate.

UPDATE 9/23/17 NILSA CALLED TODAY! @crayola_lia_ called me early today! THE DOGS NEED MEDICINE! Snow White’s puppies are sick and in the clinic! The other dogs are safe. Angelita and the babies are safe. Pandora is safe. We can’t find out about Romero, Julieta and Sachi! She has not had communication with there foster yet. 💔 She is tired and heartbroken. Her home is damaged but we can fix it with your help.
We will be putting together a collection of supplies to ship as soon as we can find reliable shipping and drop location. ** specific supplies only!

UPDATE 9/22/17 We still have not heard from our team at the NYBC halfway house. We are praying it is only because the cellular service and electric service is out and compromised. There are over 34 dogs/puppies in our care at the house and we are more than concerned for the safety of dogs and of course our team. Our dear friend Nilsa finally sent a short message but we are not sure what her status or needs are. And our friend Osvaldo, where we boarding dogs just hours ago finally was able to get word to us that he and the dogs are safe. It is a mess but they are safe! Just hours before the storm hit a pit bull was seen being dumped before destruction came. We we ask if NYBC could help, and of course we could not leave this boy in despair. He was brought to shelter at Osvaldo and we we besides ourselves not knowing what had happened. We have named him Mario.

Just as the electricity was restored from the damage Hurricane Irma brought to Puerto Rico in mid- September, the island was punished severely this week by Hurricane Maria.  Almost reaching Category 5 status, Maria pounded Puerto Rico with horrific winds of almost 160mph, nonstop downpours of rain and devastating water surges that made local streets look like rolling rivers.  New York Bully Crew has been rescuing dogs, most in dire need of medical care, abandoned, neglected, since the summer of 2016.  We have built a unique bond with our local colleagues and those bonds have formed deep friendships.  Our hearts are broken for our adopted island.  The thought of the innocent lives of the strays that have been battling the daily obstacales of just trying to stay alive and find something to eat perishing in the nightmare of this catastrophic disaster is at times too much to  comprehend.  NYBC has a halfway house in which we are able to care for dogs that we have committed to medically and financially and are waiting for their opportunity to travel to New York to be placed at our Patchogue facility or directly into foster or even better, adopted! At this current moment we have lost all communication with our NYBC-PR Team.  The last time we spoke with them was 10am Wednesday morning just as Maria was reaching epic destruction.  They were safe within the house with all 34 dogs, adults and puppies.  We have not heard from them since. Our other colleague, where we have some of our NYBC-PR dogs being boarded is on the other side of the island.  We have not heard from him yet either.  Also, our dear friend and tireless advocate who is in law enforcement hasn’t checked in yet.  We are frantic to know that they are okay and the dogs are safe.
We have heard from a few fosters in other areas and they are safe along wth the dogs in their care.  There is lots of rebuilding and securing outdoor kennels to come. Recently built structures are compromised and destroyed.
One of the veterinary hospitals has checked in and the staff and animals being cared for and boarded there are safe.
We still cannot wrap our heads around the destruction and the recovery ahead.  Where does it begin? Besides veterinary treatment and care, we will be supplying our fosters with immediate need and recovery supplies, such as:
-Solar Powered Chargers
-Paper towels
-Contractor bags
-Sump Pumps

Electronic gift cards will be extremely useful also for the following stores:
Home Depot
You can send your e-card donation to

Honestly, we do not know what to expect when relief groups can get in there and start making sense, and we know that the needs of those affected will change with time, but we are asking that you help us help them.
You have seen the cases from Puerto Rico, from day of rescue to amazing happy endings.  And yes, there have been some cases that have broken our hearts and stopped us in our tracks. But with your support and kindness, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of the Puerto Rico dogs, especially now when they need us the most.
Thank you for your dedication to the New York Bully Crew Mission-
“No dog in dire need is turned away.”

Please stay tuned for updates as we receive them. Thank you for your support.

Hurricane Maria Relief for Puerto Rico

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