Hurricane Harvey Dogs Are Coming to NYBC

UPDATE February 2018-

Julius, Candy and Fletch were 3 of these impacted dogs.  Julius and candy have already found homes.  Now it is Fletch’s turn for furever!

In honor of our beloved Autumn, we introduce to you Julius, Candy and Fletch! These 3 lovable Hurricane Harvey impacted dogs are coming to NYBC by way of Alabama and our friends at @4legs4justice_rescue.
Julius is a handsome and happy tripod that thinks he’s and lap dog! Candy is a cutie pie that is 17 weeks old and is looking for a furever home! And all Fletch, a lab/pit mix, wants to do is run, play and have some fun! All 3 pups like other dogs and love people! If you are interested in adopting or fostering one of these little rascals, please submit an application today.

The Humane Society of US and other organizations attempted to regulate the animals of disasters by not allowing out of state rescues to take the animals directly because many pet owners were upset after hurricane Katrina because they couldn’t be reunited with their pets since the animals were shipped all over the the US.  So in a new attempt to limit the spread of Texas’ canine influenza outbreak AND mainly in an attempt to help displaced citizens of TX, the new hurricane, stray Texas dogs were supposed to move into Texas and Louisiana shelters so that they’ll be more easily accessible to be reunited with owners. Unfortunately that meant that the dogs currently in Texas and Louisiana shelters must be euthanized in order to make room for the newly displaced Texas hurricane dogs. A large humane society in Birmingham, Alabama went to Louisiana to pick up 70+ dogs from a shelter that was flagged to euthanize their current dogs and prepare to take in 150+ Texas dogs.
A very sad cycle in order to help displaced animals; euthanize the current animals to make room for more.
Therefore, these dogs are technically “hurricane impacted” dogs rather that hurricane effected dogs. But nonetheless, Hurricane Harvey is why the were rescued. Hurricane Harvey would have killed them and the lack of vacancy and space would of had them euthanized.
Luckily, @4legs4justice_rescue stepped up to take a bunch of dogs and get them out of harm’s way. They are a 100% no-kill rescue and was able to save 25 dogs from a sad fate.  They reached out to NYBC to help with placement and we humbly obliged.
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