Honduras Vehicle Fund

UPDATE-  Vehicle has been secured for Melissa and has been instrumental in transporting emergency cases to the hospital.  Many lives have been saved because of your donations.

From Melissa- “Hello, good afternoon. My name is Melissa and the goal of this video is to ask for help to buy a car to transport dogs of the shelter since so many animals here in Honduras are abused/neglected. When we rescue the injured and sick, taxi drivers do not want to take me veterinary hospital with these dogs and if they do take us, they are in a hurry to leave. It usually takes 3 to 4 hours to receive veterinarian care and the taxis don’t have patience to wait. They often just leave us and I am stuck at the vet an hour away with no transportation to take myself or the rescued animals back to the sanctuary. We have many animals and transport makes it very difficult. There are a lot of times we find severely injured dogs in need of emergency care at night and none of these taxis want to take us no matter how much we pay and many times these animals have died, sometimes in our arms or sometimes when we return to find them. Please our children need your help to be able to afford a life saving option to seek medical care. Thank you so much.”

**Please remember that the area Melissa lives in has little resources.  If supplies are shipped direct, many times they are stolen before they reach her. If dogs are restricted to not roam free, it because they are contagious with stiker tumors or aggressive toward the sick animals.  If there isn’t a bed, it is because the dog has destroyed many others prior and prefers not to have one.  Most of these animals are feral and are just learning how to trust and be domesticated.  As NYBC is more involved, we are able to educate and assist more and more.  But the transportation problem and supplies issues that we take for granted re large obstacles that we need to conquer.  Thank you for your help and support.

Honduras Vehicle Fund

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