Half Marathon to Help New York Bully Crew

Meet Amanda Hay. Amanda is a proud Marine veteran who still serves our country as a civilian working for the United States Army. Amanda loves her country, loves to run and loves animals. Especially Pit Bulls. Amanda says Marines are resilient warriors who strive to be of service whether in or out of uniform.
And that animals bring out the best in people, nurture without words & love us unconditionally, that they deserve the best from us. So for Amanda’s upcoming 40th birthday, she is running a half marathon in Wyoming, the Grand Teton Half, in honor of her beloved dog Chino, a senior Pit Bull she rescued or one could say, rescued her.
Amanda figures if she could do one thing when turning 40 to help them and motivate herself, she should do it! So she will run to raise awareness about this misunderstood and all to often mistreated, loyal breed, and raise funds to assist New York Bully Crew in the daily care of the dogs rescued and living at the Patchogue, NY facility and others in foster, both near are as far away as Puerto Rico.
“This is for Chino. And this is for all the great people who take time to build New York Bully Crew, a place that is doing God’s work. If it helps even one dog, I’m happy.”
Thank you Amanda Hay! For you great service to our country, your dedication to the underdog, and for inspiring others to do something about something.

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