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As part of this initiative, we would dedicate some funding to updating and expanding our current facility. As the more we save and the more effective we are, the greater the need to ensure that the increase in rescues we commit to, are comfortable and happy while waiting for their forever.

We have focused our attention for animal welfare on three specific initiatives. The first, to assist in several geographic areas of our country that have the most severe overpopulation of dogs which intensified the need to save lives from the at risk lists. We believe this need is intense right here in NY, as well as down South in the Miami Dade area as well as the Texas. 

Second, to continue to grow and fund our Ethical Solutions Campaign which specifically targets anyone considering euthanasia of a special needs dog, ranging from cleft palates, cancers or paralysis. We network to the very veterinarians that are asked to euthanize such animals to consider first the possibility of them living out their life peacefully as we don’t see them as unwanted and will provide the necessary funds to not only keep them alive but find a home in which they will flourish. 

Last, our Rescue Has No Borders Campaign which targets Peru, Honduras and Puerto Rico and the intense overpopulation issue which leads to the suffering, abuse, and cruel deaths of so many. Not only do we focus on saving the lives of those in the most need, but we focus on solving the issue at its root by launching massive spay and neuter initiatives. We have already successfully altered over 350 dogs which would prohibit the lives of thousands of unwanted dogs ever being born into a life of misery. This initiative also prevents many transmissible cancers that are spread by mating.

Your support directly impacts the lives of the NYBC rescue dogs daily and with your help, NYBC can continue to make a difference, both near and far.

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