Flea and Tick Treatment for Street Dogs

Street dogs fight an impossible battle each day. They are surrounded by lowliness, hunger, cruelty and diseases. With no one to care for them, our rescuers advocate and try to give the innocent basic care such as food and medications.

Fleas and ticks are the major culprits for some of the most common diseases for street dogs. Anemia is most common and can be deadly if not treated in time. Erhlichia and anaplasmosis is almost a given with every street dog rescue. These tick borne diseases ravage dogs immune system, drain their blood and leave behind damaging effects.

Our boots on the ground need to keep medications and treatments on hand for these severe infestation cases. Most medical suppliers are hours aways, some as far as 8 hours away. So the need to keep in stock and on hand is necessasry and crucial.

Please consider making a monthly donation to this specific campaign as it is a never ending battle against these parasites. Your help allows us continue to give quality care to the forgotten and in dire need.

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Flea and Tick Treatment for Street Dogs Fund

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