Ethical Solution for Special Need Dogs

New York Bully Crew would like to present an ethical solution to breeders and veterinarians that are faced with the decision of euthanasia or finding placement for special needs pups.  

We have had the loveliest pleasure of being blessed with opportunities to care for special needs dogs such as Earl Grey and Ayita, Presley, Nala and Cotton, Tyrus, Odie and Malachi.  We have two babies in Peru, Koukla and Kupkake, that bring so much joy and we can’t begin to ponder what life would be like without any of these precious creatures in it. 

NYBC believes that everyone deserves a chance.  everyone deserves the opportunity to experience compassion and care. So to the breeders that usually euthanize a pup with a degenerate flaw to remove it from the bloodline, please contact NYBC for another option.  No questions asked, we just want to be another option. 

Vets, if you have a case, please reach out to New York Bully Crew first.

We can be reached at  Please type ETHICAL SOLUTION in subject box.

ethical solution
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