Meet Mario

 Pit Bull   Male   2 Years Old   50lb   White and Brown

Kennel Sponsor Still Needed

Just as people were making safety precautions, planing for the worst, getting their pets secured, along comes a truck and dumps a male dog in a parking lot and drives away. Abandons him as the devastating hurricane is threatening to start rolling in. Lucky for Mario, as we appropriately named him, a compassionate bystander snatched him up to ensure that he would be safe from harm. NYBC was contacted quickly to ask if we could commit to his safety and we agreed. He was immediately brought to paid boarding as it was the only option at the time. The clock was ticking, the storm was coming. It was today that we finally received communication from our colleague that Mario and the other NYBC dogs in paid boarding made it through the hurricane. The town that they are in is severely compromised but they are safe. We were so fearful to think that Mario was rescued after being dumped to be harmed by Mother Nature. We know that the boarding facility did an amazing job keeping all of the dogs safe and secure. Please consider supporting Mario’s daily care. He has been through so much already and we want to make sure he is well cared for while he awaits traveling to NYBC.


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