Mr. Hicks

I've Been Here Since: December 21, 2016

   BreedPit Bull




   ColorBrown and White

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Update 2/11/2017
It is with immense sadness that we must announce that our beloved Mr. Hicks has passed and has now crossed the rainbow bridge. The Rainbow Bridge is a place where there is no pain or abandonment. It is where companions temporarily live in happiness until their human is ready to greet them. Mr. Hicks will be working overtime greeting his loved ones because he has been surrounded, uplifted and loved by so many. It is at this time we ask all of Hicks’ supporters and friends to love your pet just a little bit more, be just a touch kinder and know in your heart that you were all a part of something far greater than just another rescue.

Your devotion to this special boy will live on and Mr. Hicks will have not died in vain. Run free Hicks… see all the beauty and love that we have for you, our friend.

As most of you know and have been following Mr. Hicks’ journey faithfully, our sweet boy was recently diagnosed with cancer. New York Bully Crew, Wild at Heart Foundation, Terrie Hayward of Positive Animal Wellness and of course, Neva Kaya, Mr. Hicks’ angel, have been in constant contact and conversation about the wellbeing of this sweet boy. Hicks has been battling a long list of serious health concerns and although his current health was poor, what helps us to find solace in this situation is that Hicks literally had a team of people pulling for him and has known love, comfort, and been able to sleep in a safe, secure spot without worrying about food or harm coming to him. We thank you all for making that possible for Hicks.

We, of course, were praying for a miracle. We wanted all of our “powers” to join together and miraculously heal him. But sometimes in life, especially rescue life, we have to bow our head and do the most selfless deed. Hicks deserves our utmost respect for his dignity.

So, please come together and pray for Hicks, pray for his comfort and peace and for his caregivers. This was a difficult decision for all involved but we wanted you to be aware of the severity of his illness.

In the end, he was not interested in much of anything, including food. He was comfortable and rested quietly in a home setting. The pathology reports indicated-amelanotic malignant melanoma, morphological high grade. This is type of cancer came with a poor prognosis. Multiple veterinary doctors and hospitals, including specialists were consulted. All have been unanimous with his prognosis-guarded and poor outcome and chemotherapy treatment wasn’t an option given his multiple health conditions. Also, chemotherapy does not work well with this type of cancer in the best scenarios.

This is Mr. Hicks.
Mr. Hicks has sarcoptic mange, heartworm, dermatitis, severely malnourished and BLIND. He must have wandered the streets, unable to see, unable to find food. Scared. He is now in foster in Puerto Rico where he is getting unconditional love and attention. But it too a long time for him to gain some confidence. He was so scared and confused while in medical boarding, he just curled up in a ball in a corner.

WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?  Notice the cropped ears, the collar.  This was someone’s dog!

The thought of Hicks living out there all alone, starving, without sight, scared is horrifying. Well, you will never be alone again Mr Hicks! He is slowly getting used to humans touching him, caring for him. He is blind so he was so frightened by all the new sounds, smells and touches. Take your time Mr. Hicks. We won’t give up if you don’t give up!

Hicks will be starting heart worm treatment as soon as he is a bit stronger. His foster mom in Puerto Rico cooks daily for him and gives him medicated baths every day to help his skin regenerate.

Update 1/19/17


Hicks has a cancerous tumor on his front leg that his doctors have been monitoring for over the past month. Due to his poor skin condition, his doctor felt that it was best to get him healthier and before removing it.

As of today, the tumor burst and was very difficult to stop the hemorrhaging. Tomorrow morning, Hicks will be undergoing emergency surgery to remove the tumor.

Update 2/3/17
Hicks has returned from medical boarding while his trainer, Terrie Hayward, was away. The good news is that he was well behaved and everyone liked him. In fact, they mentioned that they would miss him in the clinic. Unfortunately, the bad news is that the pathology report of his tumor that was removed came back and concurrently he has developed a swollen lymph node. The doctor in Puerto Rico believes that as the affected lymph node is on the same side as the leg tumor was this could be very problematic.

The pathology report indicates that the mass removed was an amelanotic malignant melanoma, morphological high grade. This is cancer and with a poor prognosis. We are actively seeking a second and third opinion, including consulting with oncology at UPenn and exploring all options for our Mr.Hicks. Mr. Hicks did not come this far to fail. New York Bully Crew and Wild At Heart Foundation collaboratively wants the best for Mr.Hicks and are committed to his well being and future. He is not in pain and still acting normal and processing nicely with his training. Hicks is not giving up which means, This means TEAM HICKS is not giving up!

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