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This sweetheart is named after our superstar D’Angelo’s little sister, Miss Piggy, who crossed the rainbow bridge July 2016. She left us much too soon. We hope that our new girl will carry on from where Miss Piggy left off and put forth the forgiveness and resiliency of the Pit Bull.
We successfully negotiated the surrender of this sweet female and she is now at NYBC. But, the story behind this rescue is heartbreaking. Yes the dog was living in the car at times, but not because they did not care about the dog. The family has a severely ill 3 year old child and are continually at the hospital. They wouldn’t bring to the shelter or dump on the street, they were trying to find a home. When @c.legit5 arrived and asked, they surrendered in best interest of the dog and their devastating situation. NYBC not only believes in securing the safety of an animal in need but to support the families in dire need themselves.
Be kind to one another.
We are each others’ keeper.
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