Dog Shot in Spine Learns to Walk Again

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About 1 year ago, our precious angel Carmen was brutally shot in the back by a heartless 12 year old boy. Although Carmen has made AMAZING progress, every day she has some struggle resulting from the bullet-her legs lock up and she bunny hops instead of walking, she forgets to walk and just drags, very little control of bladder, no control of bowels, losing balance and falling down. The silver lining is that angels among us like the animal advocates in Puerto Rico that saved her and New stork Bully Crew was able to accept her. They realized her life mattered and that a senseless act of violence would NOT stop her. After hours and hours of many different therapies, home work outs and a lot of love, most of her days are good days. Love wins, compassion wins, dedication wins, rescue wins, WE WIN. Carmen 1, shooter 0. We won’t stop…EVER.

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