Coffee to Benefit The Crew

Birch Coffee has a passion for great products and pitbulls.

Here’s their story:
Our love for pitbulls began when one of Birch Coffee’s co-founders started fostering two of them, Maki and Juna, back in 2011. He had always been a dog lover, taking in whichever dogs needed a home at that time, but this experience opened him up to the specific challenges facing pitbulls. Most shelters are overwhelmed with them simply because they’re one of the most misunderstood breeds. Despite their soft and loving demeanor, the stereotype of pitbulls has discolored many people’s opinions of them. 

Help us change that. 

Made from the finest coffees we source, this coffee blend is a really important one to us. All profits from this bag go to helping pits in need. Whether it’s a new forever home, a foster home, veterinary card, or food, help save a pup with your morning brew. 

Mexico, Brazil, Colombia

Robust, Bold, Sweet & Often Misunderstood

Birch Coffee believes in New York Bully Crew’s mission to save pitbulls and find them families that will cherish them forever.

Each Bully Blend – Profits benefiting New York Bully Crew sale supports the daily care of the NYBC rescue dogs.

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