Cancer Funds

Spay and Neuter to Save Lives: Rescue Has No Borders

$20 = 1 Spay or Neuter – Help Save a Life As New York Bully Crew’s mission expands to assist and help save dogs beyond our borders, we continuously encounter the same recurring obstacle: Overpopulation. Now, every legitimate animal advocate will scream for all to hear that spay and neutering your pets is essential to…

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CBD and Your Pets

THANK YOU @kingkanineproducts for the holiday package for all of our special cases!  @kingkanineofficial supports NYBC and is committed to the NYBC pups but especially helping our dogs that need  extra care. Please support those that support us by visiting the designated link on our website and shop King Kanine and give the gift of a better…

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The NYBC Cancer Fund

On June 8, 2017 we lost our sweet Naji. Naji in Arabic means survivor and although the cancer defeated her body, her spirit prevailed to leave an immeasurable and profound difference in us all. Naji taught us how to survive. She taught us how to love unconditionally, she taught us how to forgive and she…

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