Sanctuary Dogs

We at New York Bully Crew pride ourselves on giving the very best attention to the rescue dogs in our care. Some of the dogs are with us for a very brief time and then there are others that will be with us much longer while they await their chance for a home and family.

With that being said, the daily care for one of our long-term guests is compounded by the amount of time they are with New York Bully Crew. Some have been with us for years, since the inception of NYBC. We maintain that there is a person for every dog, some dogs may take that much longer than others to find their match due to behavioral or medical issues usually caused from abuse and/or neglect. So while these dogs, our Sanctuary Dogs, are in our care, we are looking to you to help care for them by pledging a monthly donation.  It can be for one specific dog or a random recurring donation, but your support allows NYBC to make their lives be filled with hope and promise.


Bentley is a 3 year old Pit Bull Terrier who needs a strong experienced owner/pack leader with confidence who will let him know that he doesn’t need to be the boss. He would do best…

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Freddy is a 6-7yr old male. He was rescued from the Manhattan ACC. He needs a strong pack leader and would do best as your one and only or with a well balanced non dominant…

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Jojo is a 7-yr-old male. He was rescued from the Brooklyn ACC. He does well with most women, and honestly most men once he warms up to them. Once you gain his trust, he is…

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We strive to place our adoptable NYBC dogs in lovable homes. For bully pitbull adoption please complete our Adoption Application to get the process started. This application helps us to learn more about you, your home and your level of experience, if any, with dogs.