If you find a Pitbull Puppy that you are interested in adopting, please complete our Online Adoption Application to get the process started. New York Bully Crew does NOT reserve a specific puppy or put a specific puppy on hold. Our advice is to be a PRE-APPROVED ADOPTER so you can be added to the PUPPY LIST and not wait until you see a pup that interests you and then apply. Bully pitbull puppies do get adopted quickly, but there are always more that we are rescuing.

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She was rescued in Puerto Rico when her 2 pittie parents gave birth to her and nobody wanted her because she was the runt and ill. About 8 months laters she stopped eating, she is…

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Introducing AKIRA! This darling 4 month old pup was rescued in Puerto Rico, abandoned at a baseball park,  just before the hurricanes with 2 siblings.  They were very sick, infested with fleas, ticks and parasites.  Her baby brother…

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Box of Puerto Rican Terriers

UPDATE 10/25/2017 EMERGENCY SURGERY – GRAPHIC IMAGES- Her name is YaYa. She is one of the 5 babies found abandoned in a box. This tiny little girl had massive life saving surgery! She presented with…

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Meet Christopher. He is absolutely gorgeous and one of the perfect babies of sweet Carissa. 2 months ago, Carissa was homeless and being tortured by kids with fireworks. Our colleagues, PBRS,  were able to rescue…

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Elsa and Babies

THE MIRACLE OF LIFE- Our sweet Elsa, the gentle female that was part of a SPCA case, gave birth to a baby boy and girl. Due to the severe malnourished condition she was in when…

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Esmeralda and Tito

UPDATE- Baby Tito has been adopted but Momma Esmeralda is still available and is waiting to meet YOU! Introducing the most precious mommy and son duo- Esmeralda and Baby Tito. This precious and petite pair…

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ADOPT LUCA! One of Ladonna’s boys, handsome Luca! Luca is a very smart, young male that would make a fantastic companion. He trains easily and is very eager to please. He has a quiet, calmness…

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Saphira and Babies

After a Facebook outcry from a rescuer in Puerto Rico reached our colleagues, Barranquitas Animal Sactuary, New York Bully Crew was asked if we could help this poor momma and her brand new litter of…

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Meet TESHA!  The silliest baby girl you will ever have the pleasure of meeting! This beautiful brindle baby arrived with her other siblings to NYBC. Tesha loves other dogs, enjoys goofing around and will smother you…

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Introducing adorable Tingo! This gentle lover boy arrived with his other siblings to NYBC. They are the cutest bunch and are looking for loving homes! Super playful and dog friendly, Tingo would make a lovable…

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We strive to place our adoptable NYBC dogs in lovable homes. For bully pitbull adoption please complete our Adoption Application to get the process started. This application helps us to learn more about you, your home and your level of experience, if any, with dogs.