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Introducing AKIRA! This darling 4 month old pup was rescued in Puerto Rico, abandoned at a baseball park,  just before the hurricanes with 2 siblings.  They were very sick, infested with fleas, ticks and parasites.  Her baby brother…

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EMERGENCY- Found in a plastic bag, dying, Aniela is struggling to stay alive!  Melissa was contacted by a man who asked the rescue to investigate a bag that might have been moving. When she arrived,…

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Baby Bones

SAVED FROM HARRIS COUNTY, TX- Bones is an 11 week old shepherd mix puppy.  He was brought in to Harris County AS in Texas unable to move his rear legs.  It is unknown why his…

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Baby Lucina

This is Baby Lucina. Edith contacted us to ask if we can help this tiny baby girl. She was found in the mountains where is is very cold. She is safe with Edith now but…

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Baby Tara

Baby Tara was diagnosed with Atlantoaxial (AA) luxation – a condition in which instability, or excessive movement, is present between the first two vertebrae within the neck. This spinal disorder is most commonly seen in…

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Baby Triplets

5/4/19 Update-  On the same day Baby Opal’s ashes were returned to @pibbles_plantation, a third swimmer pup entered their loving home. We wholeheartedly believe this was a message straight from Baby Opal in heaven that…

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Camila and Babies

UPDATE- CAMILA AND BABIES ARE SAFE!  They are starving, infested with fleas and ticks and have painful skin conditions but they are safe and will get immediate medical treatment. Please help us care for this…

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Frantically Karina contacted us if NYBC could help her with a young puppy, almost 2 months old, that was hit by a car and needs immediate help. She has an exposed break which is dangerous…

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Poor baby Cleveland was found near the same area that ur sweet Lizzie was found.  At only 6 months old. Cleveland’s young life seems to be filled with despair.  He is starving, has a fever,…

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Jason is ready for his furever!  Could that be you?  Momma Poppy’s boy is super cute and very lovable!  Apply to adopt today!

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Liam is a 6 month old scared, little boy that was surrendered to the Burlington Animal Services, in Haw River, NC, after he was hit by a car.  He was in shock and in tremendous pain.…

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On the day that our adorable puppy, Biscuit, traveled to the states from Honduras to find her furever, our colleague in Honduras was contacted about an urgent plea. A Shepherd type 8 week old puppy…

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Momma Claudia and Babies

6/8/2019 UPDATE-  TRANSFUSIONS NEEDED FOR ALL BABIES! Momma Claudia stopped vomiting and Tiny, the runt, is using her right leg again BUT preliminary necropsy report advises that the one little boy, Dre, passed because of…

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PUPPY LEFT ON ROAD AFTER BEING HIT- Saved from Harris County AS, Texas-  This is young Paislee #534648 from HCAS in Houston, TX.  Paislee is bout 6 months old and her life is already filled…

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Pela and Babies

WARNING: Graphic- We know that sometimes the graphic images are emotional, but it is the harsh reality of what these poor dogs are trying to survive. This female is Pela, she is a street dog. She was found…

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Queen Fabiola and Babies

King Fabian, the daddy has been found and rescued!  After weeks of eluding rescuers, Fabian is safe.  But our daddy is heartworm positive and will need medical care and heartworm treatment protocol to being immediately.…

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Melissa contacted us to ask if we could assist her with this young, starving little boy.  Ramos is about 3 months old and already he is facing hardship and despair.  The rope around his neck…

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PLEASE HELP BABY SINATRA- Abandoned at Karina’s doorstep, this 8 week old mastiff male puppy is in dire need of care.  He tested positive for parvo virus and was rushed to the hospital for IV…

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Evil is present and walks among us.  This is Sophia, a 7 month old baby.  The unimaginable ha happened to Sophia.  She was sodomized and now she has serious injuries due to the heinous acts…

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Sunkist is just a puppy!  Late in the night, Melissa received a message that a puppy was hit by a shuttle bus and was left on the street.  Rescue never sleeps.  Rescue doesn’t take days…

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Tres Leches

Today as Karina walked to the market, she noticed a small dog. Starving, this poor girl tries to eat paper to fill her empty stomach. Karina asked if NYBC could help and we could not turn a blind eye. One hour…

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