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The Banter Bulldogge should be a strongly built, athletic, muscular mid-sized Bulldogge/Mastiff. They are a strong working dog, a bully build, with their legs still underneath them. They have a slight under bite and are mostly solid in color with minimal white and will compare to the Old dogs of the area of Brabant, Belgium known as the Brabanter Bullenbeisser.Most of all they will continue to be a working breed and should be proven at every opportunity. Banter Bulldogge’s are athletic and very capable of many of today’s canine sports such as weight pull, agility and personal protection. They are also at home doing terrier work or just as a home pet/watchdog.ow much they interfere with the dogs ability to work.

  • HISTORY/ORIGIN: Created by Todd Tripp of Southeast Ohio in the late 1990’s. His vision was to re-create the Brabanter Bullenbeisser of the 1700’s in central Belgium province known as Brabant. His foundation consisted of dogs that were Boxer and of a working bull breed, ie. APBT, Staff, AmStaff, American Bulldog. Most of all was the consistency of using a high percentage of Boxer in the foundation brood stock, being very selective in choosing dogs to be in his foundation, and by using selective breeding to reach the final goal. The Brabanter Bullenbeisser was the small Bullenbeisser that was found as a family and working dog in the 1700’s and early 1800’s. The Brabanter Bullenbeisser was the smaller more bull doggy type of Mastiff used to create the modern day Boxer in conjunction with other Larger Bavarian mastiffs and the obvious infusion of the “Old Time English Bulldogges”. It is also widely known that the Brabanter carried very little if any White until the 1830’s when the first English type Bulldogge was first imported into Germany. How the name came to be: The word banter means “to address in a witty and teasing manner; good-natured and usually witty and animated joking”. This definition matches the temperament of this breed. Also coming from the Old Belgium dogs of the 1700’s from the area in and around Brabant know as the Brabanter Bullenbeisser. For these reasons, this breed was named the Banter Bulldogge.
  • HEIGHT: Males 16-25 in.; Females 14-23 in.
  • WEIGHT: Males 50 – 85 lbs; Females 50 – 75 lbs Fault: Dogs excessively above or below the standard weight.
  • COLORS: Fawn, black, red, brindle of all types, with or without black mask. All colors can possess various tints.
  • COAT: The coat should be short and smooth.
  • TEMPERAMENT: Easy to train and very obedient. The Banter Bulldogge should be excellent with children and always loyal to its family. It is a good watchdog and will bark to alarm danger or to scare off trespassers. Will be steady to protect if necessary.
  • CARE AND EXERCISE:They have a lower energy level indoors than out. However, Banter Bulldogges do need to get a good workout or energy can become built up. They are a ruff and tuff dog playing and are fine with other dogs as long as they have been properly socialized. A fun dog with its family always eager for play time and is smart enough to know when play time is over.
  • HEALTH ISSUES: A very healthy, happy dog. Currently no known health issues.
  • CATEGORY: Rare, Working