New York Bully Crew is a 501c3 not-for-profit rescue organization founded in December 2010. Though based on Long Island, NYBC’s outreach is nationwide. We specialize in rescuing Pitbulls, however no animal in dire need of rescue is turned away. NYBC strives to bring positive attention to the most loyal breed one could encounter, and give second chances to those who have been discarded by humans simply because of what they are…a Pitbull. Finding loving and responsible homes for each and every rescue is our main objective. We at NYBC firmly believe that there are NO bad dogs, just bad owners, and educating the public is a must if the bully breeds are to have a chance of survival in today’s society.

Aside from rehabilitating and placing our rescues in a safe environment, another priority for the NYBC is to inform the public of the despicable acts against Pitbulls that go on everyday. Dog fighting, and the cruelties associated with it, is a huge problem in the world of Pitbulls. This horrific “sport” can alter a dog’s wonderful temperament into a fearful, scarred, possibly aggressive animal that can be viewed as a danger and threat to society. At no fault of their own, these loving, intelligent, athletic and incredibly loyal dogs are being prosecuted by the masses, when the real culprits are the people who put them in these horrible situations. Unfortunately, these circumstances have many dogs finding themselves in kill shelters that utilize inhumane methods of euthanasia. This dreadful situation is compounded by negative attention in the media. Because of this, we will continue to advocate for the breed, and educate the public about these issues.

New York Bully Crew will assist in all phases of rescue. Please do not hesitate to contact us in regards to any form of abuse or neglect, regardless of breed. NYBC is on Facebook, Twitter and iGive (we will receive a percentage of your sale as a donation at hundreds of retailers when you shop through iGive).

New York Bully Crew…Speaking for the ones who can’t.


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